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Candy Crush: An App and a Game Show

The ever-so-popular app goes from your phone screen to TV screens. On July 9th, you can view people playing the famous mobile game, but in a life-size arena for a shot at one $100,000.

Self-Portrait Lollipops Are Now a Thing

(image source) Selfies are pretty cool, but you know what’s even better? A lollipop made in your likeness! That’s right, Spun candy offers “masterclasses” to teach you and your friends how to make candies that look like them. By the end of the class, you’ll all be cute enought to eat!

Candy Fidget Spinners Actually Exist!

If you have spent more than five minutes on the internet the past month or so, you have probably heard of fidget spinners. What you may not have known is that you can buy edible ones. But watch out, if you play with these fidget spinners for too long, they’ll melt! These fidget spinners aren’t plastic; they’re made of chocolate and other goodies such as fruity pebbles and M&Ms.

Report: Candy lovers still prefer traditional flavors over variety

You've had a long day at work, and the only fixation that can spur you on for the rest of the day is the assurance of a sweet taste of decadent candy after your job has concluded. If you find yourself as one of these people, then you can be assured that you're not alone.  

Sour Patch Kids Defense game 'pwns'

We’re in the midst of the gaming season. And you know what that means: friends and family are wiping their bloodshot eyes to stay awake into the peak hours of the night while playing Call of Duty, Halo and other popular video games. While games like these accrue much acclaim, there are others which fly under the radar. Well, there’s a new game on the horizon. One that combines strategy and speed in an all-in-one package. That game is Sour Patch Kids: Candy Defense (SPKCD).  

9 things you didn’t know about gummy bears

  You’re minding your own business, and feel your stomach start to growl. Not only that, but your taste buds are sounding the alarm, indicating the vast amount of time you last tasted a sweet fruity flavor. Of course, I am talking about the notorious chewy Gummy Bear treats. In fact, it is likely that there are many facts about gummy bears that you have never known or heard before this writing. But rest assured, we are here to clear up any myths or misconceptions about this delectable treat. Here are 9 fun facts about gummy bears!  

Ore-whoa! An Oreo Candy Bar!

Yes, as the title of the article just exclaimed, Oreo is absolutely making its very own candy bar! So, for anyone that’s loved Oreos for longer than they can remember and have always wanted a more convenient way of devouring that chocolatey creamy dream that is an Oreo cookie, this cookie is going to be your new best friend. Image Source

Wonder Where the Wonder Ball Has Been? Wonder No More!

Image Source Go out today and buy your very own so you can break it open, see your candy prize, and never have to wonder what’s in a Wonder Ball again!  

M&M’S Caramel Coming Soon!

Image Source Well, the time has come for the flavor that seems so obvious it’s kind of strange how there’s a good chance none of us even thought it was missing. If the title of this article didn’t make it clear enough for you, yes, the answer to this candy conundrum is caramel!

Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn for the Pre-Noon Sweet Toothers

Image Source. Brach’s has just released a batch of candy corn that is sure to satisfy lovers of breakfast, brunch, and candy corn in general. That’s right, now you can get the sweet savory taste of French Toast and Maple Syrup, Waffles and Strawberry, and Chocolate Chip and Pancakes all in one bag and without the hassle of going out to order an entire meal.

Candy Corn Oreos are Back in Full Force!

Image Source. It seems for the most part that Candy Corn is a seasonal treat that people either love to hate or hate to love, mostly due to the fact you usually only want to eat two or three and you end up eating two or three hundred. Oreos, on the other hand, are pretty much universally adored by fans of candy and cookies alike. But what happens when these two are combined? 

Save the Bees! By Eating Candy!

Image Source. If you love candy, as well as the environment, then Harbor Sweets in Salem, Massachusetts is the place to be! Owner Phyllis Leblanc had made it her mission to save our natural pollinators, the honey bee, and their importance to pollinating our food supply.

There’s Chocolate, then there’s Beast Mode Chocolate!

Image Source. While he’s known to be reluctant when it comes to talking to the media, former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is also known for his love of candy. And now, “Beast Mode” himself is launching his very own lineup of Beast Mode Chocolate candy bars!

An App That Connects You to Your Favorite Foreign Candy!

Image Source For anyone that enjoys traveling to far away exotic lands or anyone that simply occasionally visits friends or family in other countries, there’s most likely been a few times when you run into a delicious candy treat during your travels that you just aren’t able to get here in the states. You might be tired of bothering your relatives to pack an entirely separate suitcase full of that candy to bring with them when they visit you as well. If this sounds like you, then Grabr is the app for you!   

The candy world says goodbye to one of its most iconic personalities.

Image Source. He was best known for his portrayal of Willy Wonka in the 1971 blockbuster hit Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. In recent times, he became the poster-child of widely-circulated internet memes featuring his portrayal of the popular icon whom many regard as the legendary “Candy Man”. Some will forever know him only as “Willy Wonka”. But to many of his personal friends, family members, and fans of his other films, he was known as Gene Wilder.