An App That Connects You to Your Favorite Foreign Candy!

An App That Connects You to Your Favorite Foreign Candy!

Scott Leonardi

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For anyone that enjoys traveling to far away exotic lands or anyone that simply occasionally visits friends or family in other countries, there’s most likely been a few times when you run into a delicious candy treat during your travels that you just aren’t able to get here in the states. You might be tired of bothering your relatives to pack an entirely separate suitcase full of that candy to bring with them when they visit you as well. If this sounds like you, then Grabr is the app for you! Created by Artem Fedyaev and Daria Rebenok, Grabr is an app that allows you to have access to your favorite foreign candy without burning through your bank account from constantly making trips across the pond just to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The concept is simple, the app lets you get in contact with people from other countries who are already flying into the states, and you basically just pay them to bring you candy from their country! You make all of your price and delivery options prior to the person’s trip, and to protect your information and privacy, everything is dealt with through the app.


Now, if continental candy isn’t your thing, but you prefer the idea of making some extra cash, you can use the app to be the person bringing the candy to someone. This, of course, only works if you plan on traveling a decent amount and live in an area that has candy that people in other countries are looking for and don’t have, but if that happens to be your situation and it sounds right up your alley, then you can be a traveling nomadic Willy Wonka in no time, delivering worldly candies to people all over the planet. Download the app and start experiencing cultural candy today!


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