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Candy Pros: a trusted legacy of stellar customer service, innovation, and product expertise for today’s gummy marketplace



Welcome to Candy Pros, where we manufacture and distribute our exclusive, high-quality, branded gummy products and ingredients. Candy Pros has passionately served the gummy marketplace with exceptional customer service, product expertise, and innovation since 2008.

Our commitment to our customers’ success has earned us trust and respect throughout the industry. Candy Pros’ philosophy is built on the belief that our customers are like family, and we strive to help them succeed. We value the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes and show them how to use our products for their success…today and into the future.



At Candy Pros, we take pride in offering the most successful gummy ingredients and gummies on the market. Our innovative products allow our clients to take control of their gummy product development, and we make it easy for them to get their products to market quickly and reliably. They can also minimize their costs and stress because we handle the hard part. Our clients are always confident they have the highest quality ingredients available and the dedicated Candy Pros team of experts to back them up.



Candy Pros’ products create opportunities and solutions for all businesses. We understand that every client is unique, and we can tailor their orders to meet their specific needs.

We serve a diverse clientele, ranging from mom-and-pop startups, to small-batch manufacturers, to large corporations, and some of the biggest names in gummy edibles on the market today. We create win-win opportunities and partnerships in the rapidly growing edibles space. For smaller startups, we encourage entrepreneurs to enter the market in ways they hadn’t considered, with minimal investment. We also guide existing companies to streamline or simplify their manufacturing processes in creative and high-ROI ways.



Gummies and only gummies: What sets Candy Pros apart is our commitment to gummies and only gummies. We are gummy specialists, and 100% of our effort is devoted to the gummy market and our gummy customers.

Innovative research and development: Our singular focus on gummies keeps us ahead of the market and our competition in terms of product development and service.

Partnerships: We are partners with all our customers, from small startups to national manufacturers. We are proud so many of our first-time customers come back to Candy Pros to order again.

A trusted legacy: Candy Pros has a long-standing reputation for integrity, service, and innovation. Candy Pros has been in business since 2008, and previously, our founder and CEO, Susan Hallak, played a big role in her family’s separate candy business from when she was a young girl.

Our dedicated team: We are proud to have a dedicated team whose focus is on our customers. Our entire team, including Susan, our CEO, is directly involved with our business each and every day. We do not subcontract any customer-focused roles, and we are here for you, in person, when you need us.



We would love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about our exclusive, high-quality gummy products and ingredients and how Candy Pros can help your business thrive, please get in touch today. We would be honored to work together for your success. Email: susan@candypros.com (any other emails we should use instead?)

Phone: (888) 627-2008
Address: 9874 Via de la Amistad San Diego CA 92154

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Susan is THE candy pro! She is a dynamic entrepreneur who revolutionized the edible manufacturing space. With her meticulous attention to quality, ever-evolving product development, and unparalleled customer focus, Susan has established Candy Pros as a trusted and respected name in the industry. One of Susan’s missions is to “pay it forward” and be a champion for those starting out. Not only does Susan take pride in partnering with our customers, but she also never passes a lemonade stand without giving the proprietor a sale (and usually some business advice, as well)!

Susan's LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/susanhallak