Wonder Where the Wonder Ball Has Been? Wonder No More!

Wonder Where the Wonder Ball Has Been? Wonder No More!

Scott Leonardi

You heard right. And I’m sure anyone else that grew up in the 90’s just got that twinge of nostalgia in the back of their brain. Just like I’m sure that once you read the words ‘Wonder Ball’ in the title of this article, you probably had the same thought I did which was, “Oh yea! Whatever did happen to Wonder Balls?” Those things were always good for a sweet surprise when you busted them open and saw all the little cartoon candy pieces.

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Looks like Frankford Candy Co. has finally brought the Wonder Ball back after being discontinued in 2007 for not being able to conform to the nutritional guidelines set by Nickelodeon after buying the rights to Wonder Ball from Nestle in 2004. Good news for us is that so many people remembered and loved the Wonder Ball so much that there were over 400,000 fans on social media with requests and petitions for it to be brought back.

With so many young adults having fond memories of the Wonder Ball, as well as all the kids nowadays that love chocolate and candy, so basically all of them, the Frankford Candy Co. is going to be working overtime to keep their supply up with the demand.

Go out today and buy your very own so you can break it open, see your candy prize, and never have to wonder what’s in a Wonder Ball again!