Sour Patch Kids Defense game 'pwns'

Sour Patch Kids Defense game 'pwns'

Louis Schuler


We’re in the midst of the gaming season.

And you know what that means: friends and family are wiping their bloodshot eyes to stay awake into the peak hours of the night while playing Call of Duty, Halo and other popular video games. While games like these accrue much acclaim, there are others which fly under the radar.

Well, there’s a new game on the horizon. One that combines strategy and speed in an all-in-one package.

That game is Sour Patch Kids: Candy Defense (SPKCD).

But strategy is only a surface-level way to describe this whimsical experience. Indeed, you can take advantage of different achievements (160 of them to be precise), which in turn offer upgrade rewards for your towers to keep those pesky Gummy Bears out of Sour Patch territory.


Perhaps one of the more unique additions to this traditional tower defense game is a minion you can employ to do your every whim—that is take out intruding Gummy Bears and other enemies.

However, that isn’t where the game truly takes its footing above the rest of the competition. The cartoon graphics are truly a sight to behold for every gamer—both amateur and experienced alike.

Although Gummy Bears certainly pose a threat to the Sour Patch kingdom, other adversaries –like gummy bunnies- will await you with different skills and abilities to keep you on your toes.

Additionally, you can use hero abilities and other skill sets to place ‘buffs’ on your towers to increase their defense and other aspects in pertaining to your strategy. Indeed, for a seemingly shallow game, SPKCD allows for a deep enriched experience.

With tower upgrades, a variety of enemies, extra missions for an enhanced replay ability experience, hours of gameplay, and more, SPKCD will be sure to keep you busy this holiday season.

So make sure to get it for Android and Google Play while it’s still free!