Report: Candy lovers still prefer traditional flavors over variety

Report: Candy lovers still prefer traditional flavors over variety

Louis Schuler

You've had a long shift at work, and the only fixation that can spur you on for the rest of the day is the assurance of a sweet taste of decadent candy after the conclusion of your job. 

If you find yourself as one of these people, then you can be assured that you're not alone.

In a national survey done by FONA International, which specializes in teaching about the intricacies of food and careers that can be obtained within its industry, some results were revealed about how people choose to experience their candy. The parameters for this were split into four categories: Classical Indulgences, Indulgences as Experience, Affordable Indulgence, and Healthy Indulgence.

Out of the 500 respondents -which was a split down the middle in terms of gender- 50% elected for Classical Indulgences—"treating yourself, sinful decadence, nothing healthy about it, no reason to feel guilty. Dessert alcoholic beverages or guilty pleasures of choice after a long work week," as defined by FONA International.

Classical Indulgences was followed by Indulgence as an Experience (29%), Affordable Indulgence (11%) and Healthy Indulgence (10%).

As one may expect, practicality gets thrown out the window when their taste buds are treated to something refreshingly sweet and delicious. However, salubrious options tend to stand out in the discordant haze of competition, too.

And although healthy indulgences were second-lowest on the list, it should be noted that they are becoming increasingly relevant in the candy industry. According to FONA, some of the more renowned establishments that offer this blend of delicious and healthy are Olive Garden, The Cheesecake Factory, Red Brick Pizza and Red Mango.

So, it may suffice to say that the most optimal way to go about choosing candy is to find the balance of limited servings and low caloric intake while retaining some of the much-needed flavor and quality of the product.

Luckily, for our customers, we offer candies in this capacity with the likes of  PayDay, Twizzlers (in a variety of quantities), and other sugar free candies that we sell in bulk with our candy buffet deals, too.

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