M&M’S Caramel Coming Soon!

M&M’S Caramel Coming Soon!

Scott Leonardi

As any candy lover could tell you, or basically anyone at all, M&M’s has been a staple in the candy world for longer than most of us have been alive. Yet, in all that time there has yet to be a variety that featured a soft center instead of its variety of other flavors including classic milk chocolate, peanut, crunch, mint, coconut, pretzel, or peanut butter. Well, the time has come for the flavor that seems so obvious it’s kind of strange how there’s a good chance none of us even thought it was missing. If the title of this article didn’t make it clear enough for you, yes, the answer to this candy conundrum is caramel!

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That’s right. Ooey, gooey, slow to melt, but quick to please, caramel. The candies will have the same crunchy chocolate casing it always does but this time the center will be full of luscious caramel to keep your taste buds tingling for what will most likely be the longest amount of time that any M&M has ever lasted in your mouth.



I’m sure by now you’re probably salivating onto your keyboard and may be in danger of shorting out your computer with that amount of drool, but unfortunately you can’t run to the nearest store and pick up a bag quite yet. These new soon-to-be irresistible caramel M&M’s will be officially hitting the stores in May of next year. So, it looks like you’ll have to roll up your tongue and twiddle your thumbs until then. Sorry folks but the waiting game begins now.