Save the Bees! By Eating Candy!

Save the Bees! By Eating Candy!

Scott Leonardi

If you love candy, as well as the environment, then Harbor Sweets in Salem, Massachusetts is the place to be! Owner Phyllis Leblanc had made it her mission to save our natural pollinators, the honey bee, and their importance to pollinating our food supply. The plight of the honeybee is the driving force behind the company and its honey-based chocolates. There is a new line of dark chocolates called “Gather” that are all mixed with local wildflower honey. The funds from the chocolate is then used towards the West Coast-based Pollinator Partnership which is dedicated to studying pollination and bee research. The science of bee colony collapse is a multi-faceted subject that still needs a lot of research and Harbor Sweets is at the forefront of the issue by raising as many funds as they can by creating these tasty honey-based sweets.

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There are a total of six honey-based candies available online and at nearly100 retailers in New England with the signature piece being a caramelized honey truffle. Other flavors include cashew caramel, coconut cluster, pomegranate molasses truffle, sesame crunch, and sour cherry. All of which are flavored with a note of the previously mention local wildflower honey.

So, if you love candy, love honey, or just love the environment, check out Harbor Sweets online or at one of their retail locations and help protect our pollinators by buying a batch of this new flight of honey-based flavors!