Candy Crush: An App and a Game Show

Candy Crush: An App and a Game Show

Danielle Keating

(photo via Entertainment Weekly)

The ever-so-popular app goes from your phone screen to TV screens. On July 9th, you can view people playing the famous mobile game, but in a life-size arena for a shot at one $100,000.

Candy Crush is an hour-long program hosted by Mario Lopez. Each episode will show four teams competing in the Candy Crush Arena. To match at least three like candies, players must use their intelligence and physical coordination.

The show requires each player to be attached to a harness and offers a limited amount of time for them to make their move. Within the allotted time, the harnesses move the Candy Crushers up and down the board with only seconds in each area. Of course, harnesses are not the objects contestants must compete with; Candy Crush has their guests play against one another with a variety of obstacles. Other times players are put on moving ladders, and high platforms, or are given sticks to make their matches. Even with all this added difficulty, players must still beat the clock. If you’d like to see for yourself how the show looks, here’s a preview.

If you want to be cast on the show, all you need to apply is a photo, legal residency in the U.S, and to be at least eighteen. And if this post made you crave something sweet, Candy Pros has plenty of bulk candy for you to choose from.

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