Ore-whoa! An Oreo Candy Bar!

Ore-whoa! An Oreo Candy Bar!

Scott Leonardi

Yes, as the title of the article just exclaimed, Oreo is absolutely making its very own candy bar! So, for anyone that’s loved Oreos for longer than they can remember and have always wanted a more convenient way of devouring that chocolatey creamy dream that is an Oreo cookie, this cookie is going to be your new best friend.

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Now you don’t have to wonder what kind of stocking stuffer you’re going to think up because these candy bars are out just in time for the holidays. Filled with Oreo cookie pieces and vanilla cream and encased in Milka chocolate. Samantha Greenwood, the Senior Category Director of Chocolate-North America, says the decision to combine Oreo filling and Milka chocolate was to “diversify the Oreo product portfolio” and the result of which has “led to a product line that is unique and truly differentiated in the U.S. chocolate candy category”.

Sounds great to us, Samantha, but the only question anyone most likely has it, “Where are they and why do I not have one in my hand right now?” The answer being that they are available at your local Wal-Mart, Kroger, ShopRite, and Albertsons with the product being released nationally in January 2017. So don’t fret! They are readily available for the insatiable candy hound who’s ready to sniff out any new products. Get out there and try one for yourself!