Candy Pros, The Store is now open! Stop by and get your sweet savings today!

If you live in or will find yourself visiting the Greater San Diego area, we have good news for you! Candy Pros has opened a new retail location conveniently located within the Grossmont Center in La Mesa! With over 2,000 sq. ft of sweet merchandise, Candy Pros, The Store, is slated to be the East County go-to spot for all candy needs!

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April 14, 2016


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I’m sure you’ve seen these strawberry candies on memes…

They’re red. They’re green. And they’re pretty much found everywhere. Yet for some odd reason, you can never seem to find them when you want to buy some for yourself. They just sort of…appear…seemingly out of nowhere!

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Halal, Gluten Free & Kosher Candies

In general we have seen an influx of special requests here at Candy Pros. Whether it is questions regarding candy ingredients or asking for a list of candies that are gluten free. Whether it be celiac disease or religious guidelines, we spent much of the day here at Candy Pros sorting our candies in to diet categories for you.

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Check out Candy Pros Feature on San Diego Living-Channel 6

On Monday, December 6th Candy Pros was featured on Channel 6’s San Diego Living.

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Top 5 90’s Candy Commercials

Don’t we all love the 90’s? Olsen twins, jean jackets and Nirvana pretty much define the 90’s but what I remember most were the commercials

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5 Candies Trick-Or-Treaters Hope For... But Never Get

Crunch bars and bite sized Kit Kats have been breaking trick-or-treaters hearts for years. This repeat candy found in the assorted “bulk” mix from most department stores gives trick-or-treaters the bare minimum of what they ask for.

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Best Jelly Belly Combination Recipes You Didn’t Know About

We all remember the jelly bean flavor recipes as kids. For me, my greatest memory was forcing my younger sister to taste test combinations before they were fit for my taste buds. We would spend hours searching for the perfect recipe; mine was two Orange Sherbets and one French Vanilla. My sister’s favorite flavor was Dr. Pepper, which as you know is a dark brown, almost black jelly bean.  On occasion I would slip a licorice jelly bean (which is the grenade of all Jelly Belly Jelly Beans) in the place of a Dr. Pepper and just watch as her face changes from curious to “WHAT THE #*(@#”. Anyways, the point of that story is to tell you that we have extensive knowledge of Jelly Belly flavor recipes, what works and what doesn’t. Here are our top flavor combination's that you didn’t know about. 2 Peach + 1 Sizzling Cinnamon=Sizzling Peach 2 Pomegranate + 1 Sunkist Lemon+ 2 Blueberry=Sugar Detox 2 Chili Mango +1  Sizzling Cinnamon+ 1 Dr. Pepper=Tamarind 2 Sunkist Lemon + 2 Coconut =Coconut Lemon Bars 1 Margarita + 1 Lemon Drop + 1 Pina Colada + 1 Island Punch =Hangover I wouldn't consider myself a top chef with flavor recipes, but these combos are pretty tasty! If you are interested in jelly belly wholesale check out