Sugar and Spice Makes Everything Nice When Covered in Chamoy

Sugar and Spice Makes Everything Nice When Covered in Chamoy

Susan Hallak

Are you boring? Do you think mayonnaise is spicy? Well this blog post isn’t for you, because we’re talking about spicy candy! Red Hots debuted in 1930, Hot Tamales in 1950, and Atomic Fireballs hit the shelves in 1954, but a recent growth in this category is setting the candy world on fire! Major brands like Starburst, Sour Punch, Skittles, and Jolly Rancher have added spicy concoctions to their lineup that are here to stay. 

Originally, candy makers relied on cinnamon to add a little kick to sweets, but flavor makers are exploring as our tastebuds crave more, fueled in part by the growing popularity of spicy flavors like habanero and sriracha in the early 2010's. Today, traditional Mexican spicy candy made with chamoy is having it's own spike of popularity in the US, and its influences are becoming more and more evident in the world of sweets and snacks. 

Chamoy is a variety sauces and condiments in Mexican cuisine made from pickled fruit. It may range from a liquid to a paste consistency, and typically its flavor is salty, sweet, sour, and spiced with chiles. At Candy Pros, we ourselves have become obsessed and taken a deep dive into perfecting the ultimate chamoy recipe. After a many months working with the best Mexican candy artisans combined with our expertise in all things sweet, we've launched La Dulceria, our own handcrafted line of chamoy candies we think are the best this side of the border! Currently on the menu are Chamoy Cherry Bombs, Chamoy Sour Amigos, and Strawberry Chamoy Sour Belts (our best seller). They can be purchased here! Stay tuned as we're expanding our selection very soon!




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