M&M’S Caramel Coming Soon!

Image Source Well, the time has come for the flavor that seems so obvious it’s kind of strange how there’s a good chance none of us even thought it was missing. If the title of this article didn’t make it clear enough for you, yes, the answer to this candy conundrum is caramel!

The votes are in: Coffee nut wins!

Image Source.  Earlier this year we were excited to announce a competition set by the M&M’S brand in celebration of their 75th anniversary. The three contenders were Honey Nut, Chile Nut, and Coffee Nut. Over 1 million fans of the chocolate morsels participated in the flavor frenzy each voting for their favorite, and now the results are finally in.

The sweetest way to win $100,000!

The three newly-introduced M&Ms flavors. Image Source. In spirit of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election season, Mars Incorporated, the producer of the famous M&M candies enjoyed by many for the past 75 years, is holding their own election catered towards M&M aficionados in honor of M&Ms 75th birthday. Dubbed the “Vote for Your Favorite Peanut” promotion, Mars has thrown three new and unique Peanut M&M flavors and the original Peanut M&M flavor into a fray in which only one flavor will emerge as the victor.

M&M’s-infused honey? It’s the sweet treat you’ll never get to eat

Beekeepers in the town of Ribeauvillé have been alarmed by the mysterious, unintended production of multi-colored batches of honey, and a local biogas plant may be largely to blame. M&M’s-infused honey. Image by Vincent Kessler via National Geographic

Today Is National Candy Day

Today, November 4, 2010 is National Candy Day. For all of you detoxing from your Halloween candy hangover, the timing of this momentous holiday seems a bit…off.

Why Would People Waste Their M&M's on Alec Baldwin?

Alec Baldwin was pelted in the head with M&M's during the movie premiere of "Blue Valentine." The potential Oscar nominee for best picture this year, "Blue Valentine" could not keep Baldwin's attention as he continuously lit up the movie theater with his cell phone.