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Sour Patch Kids Defense game 'pwns'

We’re in the midst of the gaming season. And you know what that means: friends and family are wiping their bloodshot eyes to stay awake into the peak hours of the night while playing Call of Duty, Halo and other popular video games. While games like these accrue much acclaim, there are others which fly under the radar. Well, there’s a new game on the horizon. One that combines strategy and speed in an all-in-one package. That game is Sour Patch Kids: Candy Defense (SPKCD).  

5 Best Candies for Trick-or-Treating

Crunch bars and bite sized Kit Kats have been breaking trick-or-treaters hearts for years. This repeat candy found in the assorted “bulk” mix from most department stores gives trick-or-treaters the bare minimum of what they ask for.