Flavor of 2017: chocolate

Flavor of 2017: chocolate

Louis Schuler

Yes, you can believe it.

Chocolate is still one of the more popular flavors out there, and the proof is in the facts.

According to a report done by Technavio, which accounted for the Americas, APAC, Europe, and MEA, chocolate sales are forecasted to increase by 3% on a global scale—that’s a lot of chocolate! And as mentioned in an aforementioned article, many people are choosing healthier versions of chocolate, despite the main consensus of most consumers choosing flavor over healthier options.

Perhaps that’s where chocolate comes to the rescue. After all, its rich decadent flavor is one of its trademark attributes. What could possibly be better than to have the best of both worlds for healthy candy?

Indeed, this isn’t just a domestic movement. The report said that “the popularity of sugar-free confectionary products is gaining huge traction worldwide.”

But the United States isn’t solely responsible for this recent surge in chocolate sales. In fact, Europe was had the “largest share of the global industrial chocolate market during 2016.”

So, one can expect that 2017 will be another fantastic year for chocolate lovers everywhere.

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