The Surprise Egg's peculiar history

The Surprise Egg's peculiar history

Louis Schuler

Surprise eggs, as usual, are in style.

Whether it’s Kinder Egg unboxing videos –one of the more popular YouTube topics- or figuring out how to get around the legal system to buy them in an area near you, the controversial Kinder Eggs have always been at the forefront of the candy frontier.


But the history of the Kinder egg owes its success in large part to the invention of Nutella.

Who would’ve thought of that?

Yes, Michele Ferrero, the pioneer and entrepreneur of the famous Nutella brand, was the arbiter of the Kinder egg—otherwise known as the surprise egg. Even after the quintessential candyman's death in February of last year, the infamy of his brands have lived on with popular candies by the likes of  Tic Tacs, Nutella spread and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (which is another phrase for Kinder eggs).

In fact, the Ferrero family was instrumental in the core ingredients of Nutella, too. His father, Pietro, came up with the ingredients for the touted product  when he began to mix other ingredients with a popular chocolate flavor in Italy called Giandujot—a rich-tasting chocolate flavor that combines cocoa and hazelnuts.

So, what was Pietro Ferrero's contribution other than his great legacy?

Answer: Creativity with a little bit of intuition.

In a moment of an arbitrary instance of whimsical fashion, Ferrero added more hazelnuts to the ingredient list, as chocolate was in lack of supply due to the deprived food rationing during World War II in 1946. During this time, Pasta Giandujot was then coined in order to sell the product.

But true success wasn't found until a more creamy variation was sequentially invented called "Supercrema" in 1951. However, the Nutella brand wasn't coined until 1963, when the candy became a popular centerpiece on a worldwide scale.

Unlike its predecessors, the Kinder brand did not become a phenomenon until 1974 when it was known as "Kinder Sopresa" in Italy. Since then, the candy has been sold worldwide in many eccentric areas such as Russian deli stores or sparse regions in Europe.

The Kinder -which means "children" in German- Sopresa -meaning "surprise" in Italian- Egg's history can be largely designated between the pre-2004 and post-2004 eras. To the former, all Kinder toys were made by Ferrero until after 2004 when a company called Magic Production Group (MPG) took priority over the virtual entirety of the toy production.

More recently, the Kinder Egg has been increasingly difficult to acquire than in the past due to a ban on foods with toys in them across the United States in 1938.

However, while the Kinder Egg is only sold in select stores worldwide, we sell a delicious, legal variation of these eggs on our website, which you can find here. Make sure to stop on by to enjoy these delectable treats!