Frozen Fun: Experience Kit Kats like never before!

Frozen Fun: Experience Kit Kats like never before!

Rhonda Dehaini

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Nestlé has introduced a brand new experience just in time for the heat of summer- frozen Kit Kat creations. If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan that is….

Kit Kat has multiple Chocolatory stores in Japan where you can get exclusive gourmet Kit Kats. Rocketnews reports that a new pop-up store is being added to the line-up for a limited time this summer. The “Kit Kat Chocolatory Wonderland” will add a new experience to the line of premium Kit Kats by letting customers create their own frozen Kit Kat creations.

Customers can pick their ingredients and then have them frozen in a process that uses liquid nitrogen to cool the Kit Kat to minus 196 degrees Celsius instantly. This process is said to give the chocolate an irresistible cool, crisp crunch.

Patissier Yasumasa Takagi, the candy genius behind many of Kit Kat’s more exclusive creations, has modeled the new treat after the French “mendiant” confections. But rather than stacking the toppings on discs of chocolate, the freezing process allows the dried fruits and nuts to be lined neatly along the Kit Kat.

Lucky customers will have up to 20 toppings to choose from, with an added selection of sweet sauces to drizzle over the bars. Once the creations are assembled, they will be frozen instantly and ready to be enjoyed right away.

For those who can’t make it to the pop-up store, Sublime’s gourmet Kit Kat will be selling a new pre-frozen chocolate bar, available in Japan’s other Chocolatory boutiques.
What toppings would you pick if you got the chance to try this frozen phenomenon? Let us know in the comments!
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