The votes are in: Coffee nut wins!

The votes are in: Coffee nut wins!

Rhonda Dehaini

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Earlier this year we were excited to announce a competition set by the M&M’S brand in celebration of their 75th anniversary. The three contenders were Honey Nut, Chile Nut, and Coffee Nut. Over 1 million fans of the chocolate morsels participated in the flavor frenzy each voting for their favorite, and now the results are finally in.

M&M is proud to announce that the new flavor will be Coffee Nut!
Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Veep) stepped in to help M&M promote their latest flavor in a fun video announcement.


Tanya Berman, director of the M&M’s brand, reminded the fans of how important they are to the future of the brand:

"We are so thrilled that our fans helped to shape our brand's vibrant future. Flavor Vote was the perfect campaign to show how much we value our fans' opinion. The brand is looking forward to adding Coffee Nut to our peanut flavored line up in August."

Peanut M&M’S were first introduced in 1954 and were an instant success. It would be difficult to imagine the world of chocolate without Peanut M&M’S, and now Coffee Nut will be joining that historical line-up of fun flavors.

Starting in August, fans will be able to purchase the new Coffee Nut M&M’s for themselves. Are you excited about the increasing varieties of this sweet snack? Let us know in the comments!