Printing Your Own Candy? The Future is Now

Printing Your Own Candy? The Future is Now

Scott Leonardi

These modern times are full of technologies that only a few decades ago seemed impossible. Now, all of the fantasies we had as children about flying cars, jet packs, holograms, and hoverboards are becoming a reality. Every day we see newer, more innovative technology and among the pinnacle of these achievements has to be the wonders of 3-D printing, more specifically, 3-D printed candy! What world is this??

Yes, you heard correctly. There is, in fact, a company in Birmingham, England called Katjes Magic Candy Factory, founded by Melissa Snover, that will 3-D print anything your little heart desires; things like messages, drawings, photos, or just some kind of wacky 3-D shape that you’ve been imagining yourself eating. It’s all done in under five minutes and obviously within a reasonable size, of course. I’m sure you can’t go asking for a life size model of the Taj Mahal, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to ask.

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The actual printer doing all of this futuristic candy printing was created by a U.S. based company called Printrbot. They worked together with Katjes to design a very user friendly machine that prints an easy to manipulate edible candy that is vegan, gluten free and dairy free, as well as being Halal and Kosher so they could reach as large a market as possible.


You can choose from flavors like Green apple, Strawberry, Mango, and Elderberry. When you’re done picking your flavor and the Printrbot uses its powers of print to spit out the creation of your choice, you can take it a step further and add Magic Fizzy, Glitter, or Sour Dust to make it taste that much better. You’re essentially able to be your own Willy Wonka, watching your imagination materialize right before your eyes. Maybe you could even bring your own Oompa Loompas so when you eat yourself into a candy coma they can wheelbarrow you out of the store and sing you a classic tune about gobbling up too many sweets.


The store officially opens in October, but a pop-up shop in Digbeth will open on September 10th for four weeks. So if you’re taste buds are popping out of your mouth at the mere thought of being able to eat any ludicrous design your mind can think of, start planning a trip to visit Katjes Magic Candy Factory as soon as possible!


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