KitKat Bar experiments with brand

KitKat Bar experiments with brand

Louis Schuler

Who could forget about that old mantra: 'Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!'



Now take that nostalgic throwback and brace for something to take your taste buds by surprise.



A storm is brewing on the candy front—one that synthesizes its renowned flavor with one of the more popular ice cream tastes out there.



Moreover, it could suffice to say that there are few candies that when combined together, create a concoction that elicits a unique taste which dwarfs its original flavor.



I am talking, of course, about cookie dough and Kit Kat Bars.



Up until recently, these candies were largely endemic to Ireland, but according to TheImpulsiveBuy, they've been spotted in Canada. However, if you're not of the presumably vast majority of people who elect to stay at home rather than taking a significant detour to Canada, you can purchase them for a whopping $24.95 on Amazon.








As you may have expected, the price is reflected by the shipping costs from England's neighbor.



Of course, if you would rather try out our collection of Kit Kat candies, then make sure to pair them with our candy buffet at your next party, today!



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