What! McDonald's now offering chocolate drizzled fries???

Unbeknownst to many Americans, McDonald’s restaurants around the world offer their local patrons menu choices not available elsewhere. From emulations of local delicacies, as is the case with India’s Big Spicy Paneer Wrap, to bizarre limited-edition creations such as China’s gray-bun Modern Chinese Burger, the possibilities of what comes out of McDonald’s corporate kitchen are endless.

Shaka Shaka Fries. Image by Derek A. via mental_floss

For some lucky McDonald’s patrons in Japan, however, the meaning of “bizarre limited-edition creations” has been taken to a direction previously uncharted by even their closest competitors in the fast-food industry. Already home to the regionally-popular, country-exclusive Shaka Shaka Fries, participating McDonald’s franchises in Japan will soon offer a treat so uniquely sweet and salty that it’ll have even the most meticulous fast food critics scratching their heads in awe.

McChoco Potato. Image source

For a paltry ¥330 (around $2.79 USD), McDonald’s patrons in Japan will be given an opportunity, unavailable to patrons elsewhere in the world, to indulge in a creation that combines that sweet familiar chocolatey flavor with the equally-familiar delicious saltiness of a typical serving of French Fries. Available for a limited time starting January 26, the McChoco Potato presents to its beholders a modest serving of French Fries drizzled with creamy milk chocolate and white chocolate sauces; a combination so previously un-heard of, that it’ll likely have even the most curious fast food aficionados flocking to their local participating McDonald’s franchise to give this rare treat a try!

McChoco Potato. Image by Christopher Jue via Getty Images




Jon Oliveros
Jon Oliveros


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February 11, 2016

japan has the coolest stuff ever! love this

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