Crème egg aficionados rejoice!

Crème egg aficionados rejoice!

Jon Oliveros

If you’re in the Greater London area between January 22nd and March 6th, Cadbury, the makers of the famous Cadbury Easter Crème Egg, is opening a limited-time only pop-up shop in London’s fashionable Soho district. Known for its upscale restaurants and colorful shop windows, Soho is the perfect part of London’s West End for Cadbury to open up their three-story Crème Egg café. Best of all, their menu options are relatively affordable!

Cadbury Crème Egg café. Image source


For only £4 (around $5.69 USD), one can choose between the appetizing Crème Egg Goo Toasties or a sweet, chocolatey take on Egg & Soldiers; just to name a few of their enticing options! And if one doesn’t get their crème egg fix satisfied, they may opt to take some Crème Egg Goo Toasties to-go for only a mere £2 (around $2.85 USD)!

Crème Egg Goo Toasties. Image source

One interesting final tidbit to add to all this is the presence of an interactive adult-sized ball pit on the café’s third floor; a tempting activity for those simply wishing to re-live childhood again, even for just a short moment!

Cadbury Crème Egg. Image source