It’s time to have a fiesta, a Bondy Fiesta, with these new surprise eggs!

It’s time to have a fiesta, a Bondy Fiesta, with these new surprise eggs!

Jon Oliveros

Due to strict FDA regulations, surprise eggs have long been unavailable to those residing in the United States. A past issue of the Candy Chronicle highlighted Candy Treasure’s line of Choco Treasure eggs and how they managed to work their way into the U.S. market while adhering to the strict FDA guidelines that essentially banned surprise eggs from other manufacturers for decades. Recently however, another company has hopped aboard the surprise egg train.

Bondy Fiesta’s Angry Birds surprise eggs. Image Source.


Bondy Fiesta, a toy manufacturer based out of Mexico City, is a new face in the mini toy and novelty candy market and they have recently released an entire line-up of surprise eggs! Known for their licensed branded products ranging from Hello Kitty and Angry Birds-themed novelties to toys featuring members of an extinct Jurassic-era species, Bondy Fiesta has even gone as far as streamlining their entire production process.

A toy manufactured with a 3D printer. Image Source.


Utilizing the state-of-the-art Objet Eden260V™ 3D Printer, Bondy Fiesta is able to minimize errors and streamline their production process, allowing them to develop and produce new toy concepts quicker and more accurately. This has essentially allowed them to fulfill production goals within any given brand license’s allotted timeframe with ease.

Studies have shown that young children see surprise eggs the way adults see unboxing videos of the latest trending gadgets on the market. With Bondy Fiesta’s recent entrance into the U.S. market, now your children can join in on the recent surprise egg craze.  

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