The sweetest way to win $100,000!

The sweetest way to win $100,000!

Jon Oliveros

The three newly-introduced M&Ms flavors. Image Source.

There’s a special saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Since 1954, the original Peanut M&Ms stood alone in candy store aisles; adjacent to their milk chocolate counterparts.

The original circa-1950’s M&M Peanut cardboard packaging. Image Source.

In spirit of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election season, Mars Incorporated, the producer of the famous M&M candies enjoyed by many for the past 75 years, is holding their own election catered towards M&M aficionados in honor of M&Ms 75th birthday. Dubbed the “Vote for Your Favorite Peanut” promotion, Mars has thrown three new and unique Peanut M&M flavors and the original Peanut M&M flavor into a fray in which only one flavor will emerge as the victor.

The new M&Ms flavors outside their respective packages. Image Source.

From now until June 17, M&Ms aficionados will be able to purchase and sample each of the three featured flavors alongside the original Peanut M&M flavor and exercise their democratic right to vote for their favorite. God bless America!

The chosen favorite flavor, if one of the new three flavors are chosen, will be available indefinitely alongside the original Peanut M&M flavor, as open stock this August and in mixed display cases by September.

The concept of allowing consumers to sample and vote for desired flavors is a concept that has been exercised by other companies before; most notably with the Lay’s brand potato chips whose elections have also featured some rather unique flavors. This concept encourages brand loyalty and engagement and is thought to be a successful marketing strategy for companies.

The four flavors of Lay’s 2015 “Do Us a Flavor” contest. Image Source.


Will the original Peanut M&Ms remain standing alone alongside their milk chocolate and peanut butter counterparts? Or will a new Peanut M&M flavor join them? Vote for your favorite M&M flavor online today by clicking here or text the word “Vote” to 87654. One lucky voter may have a chance at winning $100,000 and the title of Official M&Ms Taste Tester!