Today Is National Candy Day

Today, November 4, 2010 is National Candy Day. For all of you detoxing from your Halloween candy hangover, the timing of this momentous holiday seems a bit…off. But for us, where candy is our job, we love it! Plus, November 4th may be the perfect time for National Candy Day because all the trick-or-treaters still have leftover candy. Regardless, in honor of our (Candy Pros) favorite holiday we are going touch on the history of our sweet confections. Where Chocolate came from? Chocolate derives the cocoa bean, more specifically the cacao tree. It is noted that in Central America, the cacao pod was widely eaten because of its sweet, nectar like taste. Natives first discarded the seeds of the cacao tree (cocoa beans) because of its bitter and unpleasant taste. The first civilization to use cocoa beans was the Aztecs. They were true chocoholics, drinking the chocolate drink for health benefits. In 1592, Spanish explorer Herman Cortez found out about cocoa beans through his briefings with the Aztecs. Cocoa was brought back the Europe, sweeping the nation with claims of unbelievable health benefits. They deemed the magic bean, vital to curing everything from anemia to digestive problems. After the chocolate made its way to American farmers, the rest is history. Here is a timeline of the candy industry Early 1700’s- Rock Candy Crystals were sweet treat of choice for Europeans 1847- The Fry’s Chocolate Factory in London created molded the first chocolate bar for consumption 1875- Milk Chocolate was invented by Henry Nestle and Daniel Peter 1880- Wunderle Candy Company creates candy corn 1900- Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar was invented -“The Great American Chocolate Bar” 1920- Fannie May Candies opens its first retail candy shop in Chicago, IL 1928 – The popular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were introduced 1930-The Snickers bar-The best selling candy bar of all time was released by M&M Mars 1941- "M&M's" Plain Chocolate Candies are introduced 1981- M&M Mars introduces Skittles. It’s interesting to look at the developments and history of our favorite candies. The classic candies such as Reese’s and Snickers are timeless and will live forever. Have a Happy National Candy Day! Image Credit : Cadbury