Why Would People Waste Their M&M's on Alec Baldwin?

C'mon people!  According to the New York Post Alec Baldwin was pelted in the head with M&M's during the movie premiere of "Blue Valentine."  The potential Oscar nominee for best picture this year, "Blue Valentine" could not keep Baldwin's attention as he continuously lit up the movie theater with his cell phone. The beam of Baldwin light frustrated movie-goers and sources say; began throwing M&M's at Baldwin's head. Even though this was effective at stopping his movie texting, I think there is other ways around wasting perfectly good M&M's. So, lets get into this. The average price of a king size bag of M&M's at the movie theater is around $6 dollars, if your lucky. There is about 40 M&M's in a king size bag. Lets say that the angered movie goer misses Baldwin's head about 4 times before for striking, and that it takes 3 M&M's to teach him that texting while in a movie  is not acceptable. That is ((6 divided by 40)= (15 cents per M&M) x ( 7 M&M's lost)) a $1.05 cent lesson! Is Alec Baldwin worth, a dollars worth of M&M's? If you want to throw M&M's in a movie I'd suggest sneaking in bulk candy bars instead of paying $6 a pop.   Image Credit SMH.AU