Candy Party Ideas

Sabrina Panal
There's nothing sweeter than having an eclectic variety of candy at your next party.  Making sure you have the right candy themed party ideas are key in helping put together the right selection for your guest when exploring your Candy Buffet


Here are some awesome candy party ideas: 


A beach themed party can help cool off in the summer heat.  Using tones of blue color candy are great ways to reflect the deep blue see along with other bright contrasting colors that spell out the FUN in summer.


With a summer nights inspiration, combining pink, black, and white color candies would be a great way to show off a Pink
Ladies themed party.  You can display a mixture of pink, black and white Sixlets in a pedestal jar. Get some cherry rock candy crystal and display it in a beautiful cylinder jar. For candy party favor ideas, Hypno Pops are available in different colors and would go great with any theme.


The circus always comes to town during the summer, so considering circus candy themed party ideas are definitely a colorful way to celebrate a party.  You can really use any color candy for this one like blue, red or yellow, but using one of our red stripe candy bags can pull together that circus tent look.


Whatever your idea is, make sure you have enough bags, tongs, and other supplies for your guest to dig into your candy buffet.  For other Candy Party ideas, check out our Candy Buffet Bundles with  pre-selected mixes of candies and neccesary  supplies, the experts at Candy Pros just made making a candy buffet a much easier process.