How to Make a Candy Buffet

Sabrina Panal

Candy Buffets have been booming and are extremely popular at parties.  If you haven’t done a Candy Buffet, here’s an excellent chance to learn, here’s some steps on how to make a Candy Buffet for your next party.


Select a Theme

This is probably the more fun item on the to-do list for party planning 101.  Is this a wedding, child’s birthday party, baby shower, or anniversary? Go with the appropriate colors for the type of party it will be.  Anniversaries, depending on how many years you’re celebrating would work with either gold or silver, a child’s birthday party could be themed with a particular cartoon, so do some research and find out what colors work best.


Get Supplies

Once you’ve selected a theme, time to start collecting the supplies needed to execute this sweet buffet. Make sure you get the follow items:

Decor - banners, tablecloths, doilies, construction paper, etc. think of your theme and from there, you can decide what items to add to your decor list.  For example, if this was a Frozen themed party, you can use construction paper to make snowflakes and use as doilies or wall decor.

Containers - Get different types of containers for your candy display, it can be a jars, vases, etc.

Scoops and tongs - Make sure you get different sizes for different types containers and candy you may have.

Bags - Whether the guest will enjoy it now or later, having bags keeps things clean and tidy.

Signage - Avoid having to repeat answering the question “What is this?” by providing the proper signage, make it fun by decorating it to theme.

Construct your candy bar

Now that you got your supplies, it’s time to construct your candy bar! Create different levels of height with a variety of containers you’ve selected for your supplies.  You can choose to mix the colors of your candy in a container or layer it, this is a blank canvas you can enjoy painting, get really creative and have fun with it.


Here are some quick tips when putting this all together:

Deep glassware works best with tall candies.

Fan out lollipops like straws for a fuller effect.

Display larger wrapped candies on a platter.

Use Shallow dishes for gummy candy to make it easier to grab

Provide labels for all the candy.

Leave baggies and ribbons/twist ties for guest so they can either enjoy the candy now or later

If you got your theme and a main color in mind for your candy buffet, check out our Candy Bundles, just select your color and go.
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