NEW! Chocolate Covered Jelly Belly Dips

Jelly Belly is releasing a new product line next month called Jelly Belly Dips. Jelly Belly is putting a new spin on their traditional Jelly Bean by dipping some of our favorite flavors in chocolate. One the many perks of working at a wholesale candy company is that sometimes we get the pleasure of testing the products before they are released. Luckily, Jelly Belly Dips did not disappoint us! The Dips come in 5 extraordinary flavors: Very Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, Coconut, and Strawberry enclosed in rich, dark chocolate. After sampling the Dips, I feel that they definitely could be a hit with candy lovers everywhere. They are light enough for snacking and surprisingly, the chocolate enhances the sweet Jelly Belly flavor. The Raspberry and Strawberry were my favorite by far, because the flavors are naturally complementary. These little kosher candy snacks come in at around 4 calories and will be a great way to celebrate the holidays. Scheduled for a December 1st release date, so mark your calendars and check back at Candy Pros to order your Jelly Belly Dips. Image Credit:  Progressive Grocer