Candy Buffet 101

Candy buffets are the new “water cooler,” they are a hub for conversation and fun. They are rapidly becoming the most popular trend for events like weddings, birthdays and corporate parties. Candy buffets are an assortment of candies that are arranged on a table in a creative way.  The candies follow a theme, with color, flavor or texture and often become the conversation piece of parties. Most importantly, they are easy to assemble and can be a very inexpensive option, in place of deserts or treats. Working at Candy Pros I have done a good deal of research on candy buffets and will give you a few tips for making your candy buffet work.
  • Keep it simple-Stick to a theme
Finding your creative “selling point” with your candy buffet is the hardest part. Determining the color scheme, what types of candy and where it fits in with the event is a daunting task. It has all the elements of the perfect candy buffet. Most of them are quite simple but they all work because the artist’s level of detail. If you follow the candy buffet bible you will be creating dazzling, intricate works of art in no time.
  • Little things go a long way
A neatly crafted label or a handmade bowtie can really set your candy buffet apart from the crowd. Spend some extra time to label and add accessories to your candy buffet.  Flowers and tablecloths are a crucial element of your candy buffets.
  • Make sure you have enough of the right candy
The candy buffet is made for satisfying both, that sweet tooth and sweet eye. If you don’t have enough candy both of these will be left feeling incomplete. One way you can find help is by contacting a candy buffet supplier. They will have dealt with similar situations and will be able to assist you in your purchasing needs. Good luck! A great candy buffet will be the talk of the town. It is a fun experience building and can be a great bonding tool. Leave a comment or question, if you need further assistance and I would be glad to help.