Who Needs Trick-Or-Treating When You Can Eat Candy Right off Your Dress?

The latest Halloween costume craze this year could be wearing your candy as your dress. Candy and art have always played nice together and recently, Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC has made waves in the fashion industry by pairing with Candy Couture. Six students at the Savannah College of Arts and Design recently competed against one another in a competition for the most delectable dress. The competition included the Taffy Blossom by Wei-Ting Liao, Fashion Fringe by Eduardo Calvo, Jawbreaker by Jaime Barker, Candiva by Storm Dorris, Jolly Ranchero by Julie Tierney and I-Candy by Kashfia Mariam.  These 6 students purchased candy in bulk to make their dresses so expansive and elegant. The judges included Michael Fink, Paula Wallace, Andre’ Leon Talley and Dylan Lauren. The winner ended up being “Jawbreaker” by Jaime Barker (pictured). This stunning dress had some close competition but the hard candy shoulder shawl proved to be the selling point of this piece. These dresses definitely expand the boundaries of fashion vogue. Some are Gaga-esque while others are Beauty and the Beast elegant. Still, candy seems to be the most versatile of all the confections. So when deciding your Halloween costume this year just imagine trick-or-treating in sour punch straws, or bobbing for apples in jawbreaker candy. Also, if you are interested, the SCAD designs are displayed in Dylan’s front windows and throughout the store until Oct. 31. So if you are in NYC, go check out the displays!