Gummy Making Machines A Guide to Gummy Manufacturing Equipment

Gummy Making Machines: A guide to gummy manufacturing equipment

Ashley Reinsmith

Gummy Making Machines: A guide to gummy manufacturing equipment

Candy Pros has been making bulk gummy candy for a long time. We have made hundreds of millions, possibly billions of gummies! Our customers are using our easy melt gummy candy base and our Naked Gold unflavored gummy bears for manufacturing gummy bears from the thousands to tens of millions of gummies.

We think pour and scrape gummy manufacturing (also called flood pouring) is a great way for people to get started and works really effectively for many small and mid sized producers. However, as small candy makers grow they usually begin to explore gummy manufacturing equipment

Gummy Making Machines can mean a lot of different things, this article covers a wide range of gummy machines from entry level candy depositors for small manufacturers up to large scale industrial gummy production lines consisting on many machines, but represents what we think are the best choices for most gummy makers. Here's a quick overview of the Gummy Candy Machines we'll cover:

Gummy Making Machine and Production line comparison chart

Understanding Gummy Manufacturing Equipment

What is an automatic gummy making machine?

A gummy production line can consists of multiple machines and parts: tanks, mixers, cookers, conveyors, depositors and more, but what most people mean by a gummy making machine is a depositor. A gummy depositor is a machine that  accurately dispenses the gummy mixture (slurry) into molds. Mixers ensure a consistent blend of ingredients, while cookers control the temperature crucial for achieving the right candy consistency. Cooling tunnels and conveyors then solidify the gummies before packaging machinery readies them for shipment.

How do I use a gummy depositor?

The gummy manufacturing process starts with the preparation phase, ensuring all components are operational and the gummy slurry, consisting of the desired flavors and gelling agent (usually gelatin or pectin), is well-mixed. This mixture is then fed into the depositor's hopper. During the transport phase, the slurry is heated to maintain fluidity, then precisely deposited into molds via nozzles. These nozzles are calibrated to control the exact amount of slurry, ensuring uniform gummy sizes and shapes. Once deposited, the gummies set as they cool, taking on the mold's shape before being demolded and packaged for distribution. This process enhances production efficiency and consistency. It also improves gummy quality and reduces manual labor.

The Integral Components of a Gummy Bear Machine

Gummy depositors have several parts, each contributing to the overall efficiency:

  • Heaters: Maintain optimal temperatures for consistent flow.
  • Feed Hoppers: Large, heated receptacles for slurry (mixed ingredients).
  • Depositing Nozzles: Control the volume and shape of gummies produced.
  • Control Panels: Facilitate interactive monitoring of the depositing process.
  • Safety Systems: Ensure operator safety and consistent product quality.
  • Transport Systems: Conveyor belts and motors for seamless product movement.

Choosing the Right Gummy Depositor

Selecting the right depositor means considering several factors. Factors like manufacturing material compliance, specifications matching the capacity of the gummy production line, temperature control, and depositing speed are crucial in ensuring quality and efficiency in making gummies. The materials used in a gummy depositor not only comply with food production standards but also influence the machine's performance. 

Table Top Gummy Depositors

Table Top Depositors are smaller, often portable machines suitable for lower-volume or space-constrained environments. They are ideal for small-scale operations or experimentation with different gummy recipes. Many of these machines are universal candy depositors, sometimes just called a universal depositor. It is called "universal" because of the single machine's ability to pectin or gelatin gummy base, caramel and even chocolate into molds to make gummy candies, hard candies, caramels and chocolate.

Table Top Depositors for small scale production

  • Compact and portable, ideal for smaller spaces or where flexibility in movement is needed.
  • Generally used for lower volume production, suitable for small businesses or experimental batches.
  • Simpler in design and operation, focusing on basic functionality.
  • More accessible for small-scale or artisanal producers due to lower cost and ease of use.

To illustrate, let's explore a specific model that exemplifies these features: the newly released ATG AC10 Mini Candy Depositor distributed by OneSupply. This machine is designed for smaller production scales, with a capacity of making 5000-6000 gummies per hour. Its compact size and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for those looking to step into automated gummy production without the need for large, industrial equipment. Let's take a look at it to understand the parts that make up a table top gummy depositor:

  Gummy Making Machine: AC10 Mini Candy Depositor - Table top Depositor Components

Floor Standing Candy Making Depositors

Floor Standing Depositors are larger and typically used in medium to high-volume production settings. They are standalone units, offering greater capacity and automation compared to table top models. They usually have multiple hoppers and can produce 2-5 times more candy per hour.

For example, The SaintyCo DM-50X Mini Small Batch Depositor also available from OneSupply.  It is a floor-standing machine used for gummy candy production. It has a capacity of producing up to 18,000 gummies per hour. 

Floor Standing Gummy Machine Depositors

  • Larger and designed for more permanent placement in a production environment.
  • Typically have higher production capacities, suitable for medium to larger-scale operations.
  • Offer more features and automation, enhancing efficiency for higher volume runs.
  • Often include advanced control systems for precise recipe management.

A SaintyCo gummy making machine: The DM-50X Mini Small Batch Depositor

Let's take a look at it to understand the parts that make up a typical floor standing gummy depositor: 

DM-50 incorporates a servo-driven depositing system and an indexing mold conveyor. It also offers optional heated hoppers for two-color gummy production. The DM-50X is built to adhere to hygienic production standards, particularly relevant for healthcare products. It includes PLC controls for managing recipes, handling alarms, and facilitating quick changeovers, with an operational efficiency of up to 30 strokes per minute.

Gummy Making Machine: SaintyCo DM-50X Mini Small Batch Depositor Components

Gummy production equipment: Entry level fully automatic gummy bear production line 

A depositor is the most important piece of a gummy production line, and it is often the first piece of equipment gummy candy machine manufacturer sell new client, but it is only one piece of the production line for vitamin gummy bears. Let's look at an entry level gummy making machine and production line.

G-80 Gummy Production Line: Automating Gummy Manufacturing


The G-80 Gummy Production Line stands out as an affordable and capable gummy bear manufacturing equipment. It is an entry level system for full automation revolutionizing the gummy manufacturing process.  Whether you're a seasoned candy maker or new to the industry, understanding the capabilities of this gummy maker machine is essential for producing high-quality gummy candies at scale.

Gummy Making Machine: SaintyCo G-80 Automatic Gummy Production Equipment

  • Production Capacity and Speed: The G-80 is capable of producing up to 30,000 gummies per hour, making it suitable for small to medium production runs. Its production capacity can reach up to 80kg/h.

  • Automation and Control: It features a PLC control system and an LED touch panel for easy operation. This contributes to its high level of automation, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

  • Versatility and Mold Options: The machine can produce gummies in various shapes and sizes by changing molds. It offers the flexibility to produce gummies in one or two colors.

  • Precision and Quality Control: It includes features like a dosing pump for automatic injection of colors, flavors, and acids, ensuring precise ingredient dosing. Its construction is all stainless steel, contributing to consistent quality output.

  • Efficiency Features: The G-80 includes an auto dosing system for quick ingredient addition, and an auto mold lubrication system for easy release of the molded product. It also features a demolding system with dual brushes and air blowing for efficient and easy ejection of gummies.

  • Cooling System: It is equipped with a 3-level cooling tunnel with controls for maintaining optimal temperatures, which is crucial for quality control.

  • User-Friendly and Safety Features: The touch screen control system is simple to use, and the equipment is designed with food safety and hygiene in mind.

  • Integration Capability: The G-80 can integrate with other production line components like mixers and packaging machines, allowing for a comprehensive production process.

  • Durability and Support: Offers a 2-year warranty for parts and provides continuous support and training for operators.

  • Compliance and Construction: The machine adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring hygienic and safe production. It is built with high-quality materials for long-term durability.

Key Takeaways for the G-80 Soft Candy Production Line Vitamin Gummys

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: The G-80 stands out in the gummy production industry.
  • Diverse Candy Production: Capable of producing various shapes and flavors of gummies.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensures high-quality gummy candies with every batch.
  • Efficient Operations: Streamlines the gummy making process, maximizing productivity.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly controls make operating and maintaining the machine hassle-free.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Keeps up with market trends, offering flexibility in production.

Large scale gummy candy making machines: A Full Gummy Production Line

  • Designed for high-volume, industrial-scale production, handling thousands of pieces per hour.
  • Highly automated and integrated, encompassing every stage of gummy candy creation from mixing, cooking, depositing, to cooling and packaging.
  • Features advanced control systems, such as PLCs and LED touch panels, for precise control over every aspect of the production process.
  • Capable of producing a diverse range of gummy shapes and flavors, thanks to sophisticated depositing and molding technologies.
  • Ideal for large confectionery businesses seeking to maximize output and efficiency while maintaining consistent product quality.

SaintyCo G-600 Gummy Production Line

Gummy making machine: SaintyCo G-600 Gummy Production Line

The SaintyCo G-600 Gummy Production Line is a comprehensive system designed for large-scale gummy production. Here are some key features and functionalities:

  1. Production Capacity: Capable of producing up to 240,000 gummy units per hour, the G-600 is suited for high-volume manufacturing of CBD/THC/Vitamin gummies in one or two colors​​.

  2. Cooking System: It includes a semi-continuous cooking system for both gelatin  and pectin-based gummies, featuring multiple tanks for dissolving and heating ingredients, along with a heated transfer pump and a hot water recirculation system​​.

  3. Depositing and Demolding System: The G-600 is equipped with a servo-driven system, Siemens PLC controls, an auto mold lubrication system, and Teflon coated 40 cavity metal molds. It also has a dual hopper option for dual-color and central-filled gummies, and a LED HMI touch screen for easy operation​​.

  4. Cooling System: The line includes an FDA-approved non-stick cooling belt, a 20HP air cooling system within an enclosed tunnel, and an electrical cabinet for temperature and humidity control​​.

  5. Coating System: It features a Z-type conveyor that moves gummies from the cooling tunnel to the coating drum, offering oil, wax, and sugar coating capabilities. The line can produce up to 600 kg/h and allows for the production of different shapes by changing molds. It also supports in-line injection, dosing, and pre-mixing for adding liquids like colors, flavors, and acids​​.

Overall, full production lines are ideal for high-volume, varied production needs, while small batch depositors cater to smaller operations requiring less complexity and investment.

Auxiliary equipment for a gummy candy depositing making machine to become a fully automatic soft candy production line

Gummy production equipment: A gummy candy depositing machine, needs several auxiliary pieces of equipment to ensure smooth fully automatic gummy bear production. Here's a list of essential auxiliary equipment you might need:

  • Mixing and Cooking System: Before depositing, the gummy candy mixture needs to be prepared, which involves mixing ingredients and cooking them to the right consistency. This system typically includes a cooking kettle, mixers, and heat exchangers.

  • Ingredient Feeders: These are used to accurately dispense various ingredients such as flavors, colors, and acids into the mixture.

  • Cooling System: After the gummies are deposited, they need to be cooled to set properly. This could involve a cooling tunnel or a refrigerated room.

  • Oil or Wax Spraying System: To prevent sticking and to give the gummies a glossy finish, a system to apply a thin layer of oil or wax might be necessary.

  • Conveying System: Conveyors are used to transport the gummies through different stages of production, from cooking to cooling to packaging.

  • Quality Control Equipment: This includes tools and devices for checking the weight, size, shape, and consistency of the gummies to ensure they meet quality standards.

  • Packaging Equipment: Once the gummies are ready, they need to be packaged. This can involve weighing, bagging, wrapping, and boxing machines.

  • Cleaning and Sanitization Equipment: Hygiene is critical in food production, so equipment for cleaning and sanitizing the machines and the production area is essential.

  • Control Panel and Software: Modern gummy candy machines are often equipped with advanced control systems for precise operation, which may include software for process monitoring and control.

  • Storage Tanks: For holding and storing the liquid ingredients like syrups, flavors, and colors before they are fed into the mixer.

  • Pumps and Pipes: For transferring the candy mass from the cooking area to the depositor and through the cooling process.

  • Molds and Trays: These are necessary for shaping the gummies. They can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the desired product.

  • Dehumidification System: In certain climates, controlling humidity is crucial to maintain the quality of the gummies.

  • Utility Supply: This includes water, electricity, and possibly compressed air supplies, which are crucial for the operation of various equipment.

Each of these pieces of commercial gummy making equipment plays a vital role in the gummy candy production process, ensuring efficiency, product quality, and safety. Depending on the scale and specific requirements of your production line, the exact setup and types of auxiliary equipment may vary.

Making Vitamin Gummy Candy

Making vitamin gummy candy involves a precise and controlled process, especially when incorporating essential nutrients. Auto dosers play a crucial role in this. They precisely measure and inject the right amount of vitamins and other active ingredients into the gummy mixture during production. This ensures consistent dosage in each gummy, maintaining the effectiveness and safety of the product. The use of auto dosers in vitamin gummy production not only enhances accuracy but also boosts efficiency, allowing for large-scale manufacturing without compromising on the quality and consistency of the health-focused confectionery.

The Benefits of Automation with a Gummy Maker

Automated production significantly reduces labor costs, increases staff efficiency, and optimizes resource utilization.

  • Increased production efficiency and reduced labor costs.
  • Modular technology's role in flexible production line assembly.
  • Automation and its impact on production optimization.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • High-quality material construction for longevity and durability.

Challenges of a Gummy Bear Making Machine

  • Cost considerations and investment planning.
  • Maintenance strategies to ensure long-term efficiency.
  • The importance of regular inspections and part replacements.
  • Lubrication and cleaning protocols for operational upkeep.

Operational Workflow of a Gummy Candy Machine

The gummy depositing process involves three main phases:

  1. Preparation Phase: Ensuring all parts are operational and the syrup is ready.
  2. Transport Phase: The syrup flows inside the depositor, with heating panels maintaining the right temperature.
  3. Forming Phase: The syrup is molded into various shapes and undergoes drying and cooling to solidify.

Ensuring Efficiency and Quality Gummies

Maintaining gummy depositor efficiency is key to its lifecycle performance. Regular inspections, cleaning, and lubrication are part of the maintenance regimen. Additionally, manufacturers must be vigilant about replacing worn or damaged parts to avoid downtime.

Cost Considerations of a Gummy Depositor Machine

The cost of a gummy depositor varies based on several factors, including size, type, and automation level. Prices can range from as little as a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars reflecting the diversity in models and specifications.

Quality Assurance with a Candy Production Line

Quality testing is an integral part of the manufacturing process. From material checks to final delivery, every component is scrutinized to meet high standards. Operational qualification tests, installation qualification tests, and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are conducted to certify quality.

The Impact of Depositing Parameters

Depositing parameters such as temperature, speed, pressure, nozzle size, and volume play a crucial role in determining gummy quality. By carefully controlling these parameters, manufacturers can produce high-quality gummy products with consistent texture, flavor, and appearance.


Gummy depositors are pivotal in the confectionery industry, providing a bridge between traditional candy-making and modern automation. These machines embody the innovative spirit that drives the industry forward, ensuring that every gummy candy is a testament to quality, efficiency, and technological advancement. As the market for gummy candies continues to grow, the role of gummy depositors will only become more pronounced, making them a sweet investment for any confectionery business.

Gummy Candy Making Machine FAQ

You've got sticky questions... we've got gummy answers. We hope we hit the sweet spot, but if we missed something, drop us a line and we'll try to answer and questions.

Where can I buy a gummy making machine?

 Give us a call and we'd be happy to help you find the right machine, or you can browse some gummy depositors and gummy production lines.

Do I need a gummy bear candy machine (gummy depositing equipment)?

The need for gummy depositing equipment largely depends on your production scale, desired quality control, cost considerations, and product complexity. For large-scale, commercial gummy production, such equipment can drastically improve efficiency and ensure uniformity in size, shape, and ingredient dosage, which is crucial for products like vitamin or CBD gummies. While it represents an initial investment, it can potentially reduce labor costs and minimize material wastage over time. Additionally, for complex gummy varieties, such as multi-flavored or layered candies, depositing equipment can handle these production intricacies more effectively than manual processes.

How does the gummy making production line work?

The gummy making production line operates in a sequence of steps. First, the gummy mix is prepared using ingredients such as gelatin, sugar, water, and flavorings. This mix is then heated and passed through the depositor machine which accurately pours it into gummy molds. The molded gummies are then cooled, removed from the molds and then coated with sugar if desired. The entire process is automated by the machine and production line.

What types of gummy can be produced with a gummy making machine?

A gummy making machine can produce a wide variety of gummy candies, including traditional gummy bears, rings, worms, fruit shapes and more. The type of gummy produced depends largely on the gummy molds used in the production equipment.

How is the efficiency of a commercial gummy making machine measured?

The efficiency of a commercial gummy making machine is often measured by its candy production line speed - the number of candies it can produce per hour, the consistency and quality of the gummies it produces and its operating costs in terms of energy consumption and labor required. Errors such as misshaped gummies or faulty operation can reduce efficiency.

What is the role of an automatic gummy making machine?

An automatic gummy making machine greatly enhances the efficiency of the candy making process by automating all major operations. This includes mixing the ingredients, heating the mix, depositing it into molds, cooling the candies, demolding them and optionally coating them with sugar. Automatic machines are indispensable for large scale gummy manufacturing.

How to choose the right gummy making machine manufacturer?

When choosing a gummy candy machine manufacturer, it's important to consider factors such as the manufacturer's reputation, the quality and reliability of their machines, their service and support, and the cost. Some manufacturers specialize in specific types of machines like gummy bear making machines or commercial gummy making machines. We recommend working with a trusted reseller like OneSupply who sells multiple machines and can provide both pre-sales consultation, phone support for trouble shooting and service as needed.

Can I make my own gummy bear candy with a home-scale gummy making machine?

Yes, with a home-scale gummy making machine like the lēvo gummy candy mixer, you can easily make your own gummy bear candy at home. These machines are easy to use, safe, and can produce a variety of gummy shapes using different gummy molds and are fine for home use, but not really useful for commercial production.