New Universal Gummy Candy Depositors at MJBizcon

New Universal Gummy Candy Depositors at MJBizcon

Ashley Reinsmith

Universal Gummy Candy Depositors Innovation

You make gummies, and Candy Pros is here to help! We've got news about candy depositors from last week's MJBizcon.

We know what the new ATG Pharma product teased below is. (Spoiler: It is a sophisticated new entry level depositor that will be distributed by OneSupply, but the gummy maker is so new it is not even on the site yet!).

Update: see our comprehensive guide to gummy making machines.



Candy Pros also talked with an engineer who works on the Truffly Made candy depositors about their still unreleased products, and we've got the video below.

 ATG Pharma AC10 Mini Table Top Candy Depositor

ATG Pharma AC10 Mini Candy Depositor 

Here's what we know about the brand new gummy maker from ATG.

  • Customizable heating with two temperature settings
  • Volume dispense setting ensures seamless compatibility with various tray types
  • Up to 65 different recipes through its user-friendly touchscreen interface.
  • Up to 5000-6000 pieces per hour.
  • Only one operator needed.
  • Compatible with gelatin or pectin gummies, candy, and chocolate.
  • Estimated Price: $19,500
  • Estimated Lead time: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Distributed by OneSupply

Truffly Made Depositor News

Truffly Made has several new add ons for its Gummy Depositor coming in the spring of 2024. Candy Pros caught up with one of their engineers to to give us a sneak peek of 2 new machines coming to speed up candy making with Truffly Made Depositors.

Truffly Made Universal Depositor Conveyor Towers

First there are a set of towers to feed and store 30 sets of molds to allow a depositor to work without operator labor for 20-30 minutes while it fills the molds. 

Truffly Made Gummy Depositor Mold Conveyors at MJBizcon

Truffly Made Gummy Depositor Demolder

There is also a new foot petal powered bulk demolder to help you demold an entire tray of gummies at once.


See both gummy machines explained by their own engineer in our video from the MJBizcon trade show floor.


What is a Universal Gummy Candy Depositor?

In the world of confectionery production, the universal gummy candy depositor stands as a pivotal innovation. This specialized equipment, often made of durable stainless steel, has transformed how candies, especially gummies and hard candies, are made.

Understanding the Functionality of a Candy Depositor

A candy depositor is a machine designed to automate the candy-making process. It precisely meters and deposits candy mixtures into molds. For gummy candies, this means ensuring uniformity in size and shape, a task accomplished with the help of heated panels and adjustable nozzles.

Exploring the Role of the Gummy Depositor in Confectionery Production

The gummy depositor specifically caters to the production of gummy candies. It typically includes a large hopper for holding the gummy mixture, which is then dispensed through nozzles into silicone, metal or polycarbonate molds. This method ensures a consistent and efficient production process, crucial for both small-scale tabletop operations and larger manufacturing setups.

The Benefits of a Universal Candy Depositor

A universal candy depositor comes with the versatility to handle various types of candies, including gummies, hard candies, caramel, and even ganache. Its adaptability lies in its ability to adjust to different molds and filling types, making it an indispensable tool in a confectioner's arsenal.

How the Depositor Transforms the Gummy Candy Making Process

The depositor revolutionizes gummy candy production by bringing uniformity, efficiency, and precision to the process. Its ability to accurately meter and deposit mixtures into molds of varying sizes and shapes elevates the standard of candy making. This results in high-quality gummies with uniform heat distribution, shape, and size - a hallmark of professional confectionery.

In essence, the universal gummy candy depositor symbolizes a leap forward in candy-making technology, marrying the art of confectionery with the precision of modern engineering.