The Gummy Bear Coating Guide: Techniques for Coating Gummies

The Gummy Bear Coating Guide: Techniques for Coating Gummies Gummy candies are beloved for their chewy texture and vibrant flavors. However, gummy makers often face the challenge of their products sticking together, losing moisture, or getting affected by environmental factors. Coating gummies is a practical solution to these issues, offering...

Pectin Gummies: A Guide for Pectin Gummy Candy

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to making pectin gummies and pectin gummy bears. This simple kitchen alchemy can lead you to a world of chewy, delicious, and vegan-friendly gummy candies made with pectin, a natural gelling agent.

How to Make Gummies

Have you ever wanted to make your own chewy and sweet gummy bears? Whether you are a candy aficionado or someone who enjoys a DIY project, making your own gummies can be an exciting endeavor. From classic gummy bears to your very own version of gummies, the possibilities are endless! In this guide, we walk you through the basics: from understanding what gummies are to making a batch of homemade gummies. If you want to make gummies commercially and supplement them with vitamins, medicine or other custom ingredients, you love the Candy Pros' EASY MELT GUMMY BASE.