Naked Gold Flavorless Gummy Base - Melt and Pour

$ 18.45

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Our Melt and Pour gummies go bare with our exclusive Naked Gold formula. This stripped-down gummy provides a perfect plain, unflavored gelatin base for you to easily produce a mass variety of custom gummy creations. Simply melt down our bears, add in your secrets, colors, and flavors, and pour into your molds! 

FLAVORS: Unflavored. Purchase flavor and color separately. Also great for using with your own natural flavors and colors!

INGREDIENTS: Corn syrup, sugar, beef gelatin, citric acid, palm oil, carnauba wax, beeswax.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: May contain gluten


CONTAINER TYPE: 5lb bag, or 30lb case

STORAGE: Store at room or cool temperature for up to 1 year. Keep away from direct sunlight. 

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DISCLAIMERS: Manufacturing process could slightly differ between batches, slight color variation might occur. Color may vary from photographs. Shipping in warm weather? Please refer to our shipping and warm weather policy here.
NO REFUNDS for color variants or product melted during transit.