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Bitter Blockers: Taste Masking Strategy for Vitamin, Medicated and CBD Gummies

In the burgeoning market of vitamin, medicated, and CBD/THC gummies, manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the flavor and palatability of their gummy candy. One of the significant challenges is the inherent bitterness of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and certain vitamins. An exciting is the innovation of bitter blocking, a process that works to eliminate bitter taste from gummies and various food items, which changes their natural flavor profile for better taste. This article delves into the bitter blocker, a unique type of bitterness reduction, and taste modifier that works its magic by blocking undesired flavor from reaching our taste receptors. 

What Are Gummies Made Of?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite gummy candies really made of? From the chewy consistency to the sweet, tantalizing flavors, have you ever paused to ask yourself what you're eating? You may have heard dark stories about the origins of gummies or asked questions like This article aims to take you on a journey into the world of gummies.

Gummy Bear Ingredients: Colorings in Gummy Manufacturing

Introduction Colorings are vital in gummy manufacturing, significantly impacting the visual appeal and marketability of these popular confections. This article explores various types of colorings used in the industry, focusing on their roles, benefits, challenges, and regulations. Role of Colorings in Gummy Manufacturing Colorings enhance the visual allure of gummy...

Gummy Bear Ingredients: Stabilizers in Gummy Candy Manufacturing

Gummy candies, a global favorite for their delightful chew and burst of flavor, owe much of their allure to the precise balance of ingredients. Stabilizers, in particular, play an unsung yet crucial role in ensuring every bite is as enjoyable as the last. In this detailed exploration, we uncover the science behind stabilizers and their pivotal role in crafting the perfect gummy treats.

Gummy Bear Ingredients: Acids in Gummy Candy Manufacturing

The use of acids in gummy candy manufacturing is a critical aspect that influences both flavor and texture. This article delves into the various types of acids utilized in gummy production, their sources, roles, and impact on gelling processes.

Gummy Bear Ingredients: Flavorings in Gummy Candy Manufacturing

Introduction Flavorings are a cornerstone in the gummy candy manufacturing process, imparting distinct tastes that make these treats so beloved. Manufacturers face the choice between natural and synthetic flavorings, each with unique properties and implications. This detailed exploration delves into factors influencing this choice, including desired flavor profiles, cost considerations,...

Gummy Bear Ingredients: Gelatin, Pectin and other Gelling Agents

Gummy candies, a staple in the confectionery world, owe their unique textures and chewiness to gelling agents. The choice of gelling agents is crucial in determining the final product's appeal, texture, and suitability for various consumer preferences. This comprehensive guide delves into the details of gelling agents used in gummy candy manufacturing, discussing their sources, properties, advantages, and challenges.

Gummy Bear Ingredients

Gummy bears are typically made of gelatin, citric acid, sugar, fruit juice, corn syrup, flavoring and starch. These ingredients combine to give gummy bears their chewy texture and sweet taste. If you want to learn about what the ingredients in you favorite brands are, keep reading, or learn how to make gummies at home!