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The Complete Guide to Silicone Gummy Molds

Whether you are just getting started making gummies or you are looking to grow, this guide will tell you everything we know about silicone gummy molds, and which ones are right for you.

Bitter Blockers: Taste Masking Strategy for Vitamin, Medicated and CBD Gummies

In the burgeoning market of vitamin, medicated, and CBD/THC gummies, manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the flavor and palatability of their gummy candy. This article delves into the bitter blocker, a unique type of bitterness reduction and taste modifier that works its magic by blocking undesired flavor from reaching our taste receptors.

Gummy Making Machines: A guide to gummy manufacturing equipment

As small candy makers grow they usually begin to explore gummy manufacturing equipment to improve quality and increase the number of pieces per hour they can produce. Here's a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about gummy making machines.

New Universal Gummy Candy Depositors at MJBizcon

Universal Gummy Candy Depositors Innovation You make gummies, and Candy Pros is here to help! We've got news about candy depositors from last week's MJBizcon. We know what the new ATG Pharma product teased below is. (Spoiler: It is a sophisticated new entry level depositor that will be distributed by...

The Gummy Bear Coating Guide: Techniques for Coating Gummies

The Gummy Bear Coating Guide: Techniques for Coating Gummies Gummy candies are beloved for their chewy texture and vibrant flavors. However, gummy makers often face the challenge of their products sticking together, losing moisture, or getting affected by environmental factors. Coating gummies is a practical solution to these issues, offering...

Gummy Manufacturing: Pour and Scrape / Flood Pour Tutorial

The confectionery landscape is has many depositing methods for gummy production, but in the end all of them are variants of hand pouring or machine depositing. For small to medium-sized manufacturers, the pour and scrape method, also known as flood pouring, stands out as a particularly effective option for new gummy makers.