Brause Pulver: Fizzy Fun!

Brause Pulver: Fizzy Fun!

Rhonda Dehaini

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If you’re a fan of fizzy drinks, powdered candy, or candy in general, you might want to find yourself some Brause Pulver!

Brause Pulver is the German version of sherbet powder, a fizzy powdered sweet that can be used in all sorts of ways. Frigeo Ahoj Brause Pulver powder comes in a colorful variety of flavors, including strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, cola, and even woodruff. Woodruff, or Waldmeister, is a flavor we don’t often see in the US, but it has a pleasant summery sort of taste to it that is especially delicious as a drink. Still not sure you’ll love it? Don’t take our word for it, here’s a young candy connoisseur reviewing the powder in Woodruff flavor!

Brause Pulver comes in a couple different forms such as powdered and candy. The candy is similar to Pez, but it lets off fizz as you chew it. It also comes in a hard candy form that is filled with powder inside. Brause Pulver also comes in the form of little round balls that you can eat as candy or even use as toppings for frozen treats!

The drink powder is a fun option, and the best uses for it are either as a candy dip or as a drink powder.

If you want to use it as a candy dip, you can use any sort of long hard candy or lollipop to eat it like Fun Dip. Because of the variety of flavors that you can mix together, such as strawberry and lemonade, the variety never seems to end! The candy itself will also fizz when you eat it, making it a fun alternative to Fun Dip flavors.

If you’re using the powder in drink form, you simply add a package of the Brause Pulver to a glass of water and stir! The water will transform into a sweet, carbonated drink. You can add ice, mix flavors, or add the powder to different sodas for extra fun. Using it as an ice cream topping is also a great way to add some color, fizz, and fun to any summer activity!

Brause Pulver has fans of all ages and is a sweet treat that anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re interested in trying new flavors, international candies, or you’re just looking for a sugary new experience to share with family and friends, Frigeo Ahoj Brause Pulver is a great pick!


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