How to Make a Candy Centerpiece

Sabrina Panal

Who needs flowers when you can have candy?

Make your next event even more fun, exciting, and delicious with cool and creative candy centerpieces. Our wide selection of candies and party supplies can definitely inspire your inner candy creator.


You’re no sucker with our lollipops. Bundle them together and you’ll have something that catches any eye and waters every mouth.

Start with a base: fill our Short Round Pedestal Plastic Jar with our bestselling bag of 49-Flavor Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. For the best visual impact, choose lollipops of varying lengths and candy shapes. We like the 18-inch Tall Twist Pops combined with the light-catching Rock Candy Crystal Sticks. The shorter Paintball Jawbreaker Lollipops add great contrast and punch.



Bring back the thrill of the circus with our Candy Buffet Popcorn Treat Boxes. Top them off with our amazing animals and you’ll have the craziest candy creation!


Place four of the Candy Buffet Popcorn Treat Boxes back-to-back. Select two kinds of creatures for each box. We’ve got Giant Rattlesnakes slithering with Giant Sugared Frogs. Or maybe Gummy Crocodiles with their great-grandparents, the Haribo Gummy Dinosaurs. Birds of a feather flock together with our Peach Penguins and Wacky Quacky. Gummy Zoo animals can have a laugh with Gustaf’s Gummy Cow.


Your table will be luscious and lovely when you have our Lantern Favor Boxes at center stage. With a lattice-heart pattern, each pretty piece of candy can make a perfect debut. Our Sconza Jordan Almonds in Shimmer Silver and Shimmer Oval make a super sparkly combination.

Florals become even more festive and fab when they’re made of candy. Begin with a vase: choose either the Large Flared Plastic Container or the Medium Cylinder Plastic Container. Our Gummy Awesome Blossoms provide the most bountiful of bouquets. Put these cute confections with our mini and regular Gummy Butterflies and you’ve got nature’s best pairs. Top the vase with several of our full-bloomed Tissue Pom Poms to complete your garden of delectable delights.