With a candy collection like this, you’d wonder why his name isn’t Willy Wonka!

With a candy collection like this, you’d wonder why his name isn’t Willy Wonka!

Jon Oliveros

Have you ever wanted something in your childhood, but just never had the money to get it when you were younger? Well, hopefully you have the same level of persistence as Bruce Weiner!

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As the former owner of Dubble Bubble, Bruce Weiner made his fortunes in the candy industry. Over the years, he became an avid collector of a variety of memorabilia associated with his childhood. Weiner started off collecting classic and exotic cars, such as Jaguars and Ferraris before moving on to microcars; tiny cars that are even dwarfed by the iconic and already-mini Mini Cooper!

Bruce Weiner’s Microcar Museum. Image Source.


After he searched for and amassed enough rare microcars, he considered his 500-car fleet of small vintage automobiles complete. Eventually, however, he grew tired of maintaining and looking after his prized collection. He decided to then share it with the world by auctioning them off to other collectors and subsequently moved on to other pastures; one of which eventually became the world’s largest candy collection!

Bruce Weiner and his candy collection. Image Source.


Weiner’s giant candy collection houses some of America’s favorite candies of the past; some of which are still marketed today. His collection also contains some other candy-related memorabilia of the past: vending machines and gumball dispensers just to name a few. He’s even hired someone to fix, restore, and maintain these decades-old relics of the past!

Retro vending machines and candy dispensers on display as part of Bruce Weiner’s candy collection. Image Source.


Many of the candies featured in Weiner’s collection are still housed in the original manufacturer’s packaging; many of which haven’t grazed store shelves in decades. Now that’s something that would bring back memories to every nostalgic Baby Boomer!

Retro candies still housed in their original packaging. Image Source.


But Weiner’s collection of his favorite childhood memorabilia doesn’t stop there! Weiner’s collection also features pinball machines, retro Schwinn bikes, and other Baby Boomer-era artifacts!

Some of the pinball and other arcade machines found in Weiner’s collection. Image Source.


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