Candy for breakfast? Yes, please!

Candy for breakfast? Yes, please!

Jon Oliveros

From M&M’s infused honey to Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurries (both featured in past editions of the Candy Chronicle) and beyond, as bizarre as some of these culinary infusions may be, nothing seems to be more delectable, at least on toast, than the recently-launched Twix Spread!

Promotional Picture for the new Twix Spread. Image by Tyler Essary via Mashable.

The new spread, ideal for topping toast, biscuits, and crumpets, delivers the same great taste one would get from snacking on a conventional Twix bar; with the added convenience of it already being in spreadable form. Why chew it over with a Twix when you decide to have a snack or dessert, when you could have Twix with your morning breakfast toast? Now that’s the epitome of killing two birds with one stone in the candy world!

A piece of toast being topped with Twix Spread. Image Source.

Unfortunately for stateside Twix aficionados, this delicious blend of smooth chocolate, caramel, and crushed biscuit bits is only available to their U.K. counterparts on the other side of the Pond. But why be passive about this upsetting news when you can adapt this recipe to feature your favorite chocolate-caramel candy bar? It sure beats booking a plane ticket across the Pond to buy a £2 jar of spread or convincing someone from the other side to bring jars over on their next stateside “holiday”!

Shout-out to for the suggestion and recipe! Visit their website by clicking here for more enticing recipes!