I’m sure you’ve seen these strawberry candies on memes…

I’m sure you’ve seen these strawberry candies on memes…

Jon Oliveros

One of the many “strawberry grandma candy” memes that went viral. Image Source.

…but have you ever wondered exactly what they are or where they come from?

They’re red. They’re green. And they’re pretty much found everywhere. Yet for some odd reason, you can never seem to find them when you want to buy some for yourself. They just sort of…appear…seemingly out of nowhere! They appear at your doctor’s office. They appear in your grandma’s candy dish. And they’ve recently been appearing more and more on popular internet memes. But when you’re doing your grocery shopping, they just never seem to be around!

Arguably the most circulated “strawberry grandma candy” meme. Image Source.

So where does one find these rare and elusive, yet circumstantially common strawberry hard candies? Some say they only spawn at the bottom of every grandmother’s purse.

A tumblr meme featuring the “strawberry grandma candies”. Image Source.

Others say that stores are obliged to only sell them to grandmothers and aunties over the age of 60 or that they have a secret dealer that they go to.

A meme of the “strawberry grandma candies” featuring one outside of its wrapper. Image Source.

Regardless of whether you believe that grandmothers are part of a secret society that closely guards the source of these candies from the rest of the world, these strawberry candies are much more easily accessible than you think!

Known formally as “strawberry bon-bons”, these mysterious treats are manufactured by big-name companies such as Arcor and Brach’s. They are widely available through many online retailers. For those of you insistent on finding some locally, be sure to stick with reputable brands such as Arcor and Brach’s during your quest for these delectable bon-bons. There has been an emergence of quite a few less-than-ideal takes (a.k.a. knockoffs) on these seemingly scarce treats that usually lack the gooey center that they’re known for!

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