Google Trends: Shopping for Gummies

Google Trends: Shopping for Gummies

Susan Hallak

As a gummies enthusiast or a business in the confectionery industry, staying ahead of market trends is crucial. Thanks to Google Trends, we can now delve deep into the world of gummies, understanding consumer preferences and emerging trends in real-time. In this analysis, we've tapped into a year's worth of shopping data, ending in November 2023, to bring you the most comprehensive insight into the gummies market.

Top Queries: A Look at Current Gummies Favorites

Categories like CBD, THC, and Weight Loss/Keto dominate, reflecting a broad spectrum of interests from relaxation aids to health supplements.

Bar chart comparing the collective volume of each category of gummies from google trends.

Key Insights:

  • CBD and THC Gummies: These categories showcase high popularity, indicating a strong market presence and consistent consumer interest.
  • Weight Loss/Keto Gummies: Reflecting the health-conscious consumer, these gummies are trending in the wellness community.

CBD Gummies Trends

Popular CBD Gummy terms included:

  1. "cbd"
  2. "cbd gummies"
  3. "cbd gummies for pain"
  4. "cbd gummies for sex"
  5. "cbd gummies for men"
  6. "cbd gummies near me"

Weight Loss & Keto Gummies Trends

Some of this popularity is likely related to the a fake Shark Tank endorsement all the way back in 2018 that continue to garner traffic.

Popular Keto Gummy terms included:

  1. "keto gummies"
  2. "keto acv gummies"
  3. "goli gummies"
  4. "keto gummies shark tank"
  5. "keto acv gummies shark tank"

ACV refers to "apple cider vinegar".

THC Gummies Trends

Popular THC Gummy terms included:

  1. "thc gummies"
  2. "delta 8 gummies"
  3. "delta 9 gummies"
  4. "wyld gummies"
  5. "hhc gummies"

Mushroom Gummies Trends

"mushroom gummies"

Health and Wellness Gummies Trends

Popular heath, wellness and supplement gummy terms included:

  1. "hemp gummies"
  2. "magnesium gummies"
  3. "collagen gummies"

Rising Queries: Spotting the Future Trends

The 'Rising Queries' dataset is where things get exciting. Here, we observe the fast-growing stars of the gummy world. Terms like 'mushroom gummies' are surging, indicating new areas where consumer interest is rapidly growing.

Key Insights:

  • Mushroom Gummies: An emerging category with a lot of potentials, possibly capitalizing on the natural supplement trend.
  • New Niches: Other rising queries suggest the market is open to experimenting with new flavors and health benefits.

CBD-Related Gummies Queries Growing Fastest

Rising CBD Gummy terms included:

  1. "cbd gummies for men"
  2. "choice cbd gummies"
  3. "proper cbd gummies"
  4. "power cbd gummies"
  5. "cbd gummies for stress"

Weight Loss & Keto Queries Growing Fastest

Rising Keto Gummy terms included:

  1. "keto acv gummies reviews"
  2. "keto acv gummies shark tank"
  3. "keto acv gummies"
  4. "keto gummies"
  5. "keto gummies shark tank"

THC Gummies Queries Growing Fastest

Rising THC Gummy terms included:

  1. "hhc gummies"
  2. "wyld gummies"

Hexahydrocannabinol, also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or simply Delta 9.  It is a hydrogenated derivative of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Wyld is a brand of THC and CBD gummies.

Sports/Energy Gummies Queries Growing Fastest  

  1. "gatorade gummies"

Mushroom Gummies Queries Growing Fastest

  1. "mushroom gummies"
  2. "shroom gummies"

Health and Wellness Gummies Queries Growing Fastest

Popular heath, wellness and supplement gummy terms included:

  1. "hemp gummies"
  2. "magnesium gummies"
  3. "collagen gummies"

Collective Insights: The Big Picture

When we combine the insights from both datasets, we get a holistic view of the gummy market. The established players continue to thrive, while new trends are carving out their own space. This dynamic landscape offers both challenges and opportunities for businesses in this space.

The chart above visualizes the number of terms in each category for both 'Top Queries' and 'Rising Queries' in the Gummies Shopping Related Queries datasets. Here are some key observations:

  • CBD-Related Terms: This category is prominent in both top and rising queries, indicating a strong interest in CBD-related gummy products.
  • Weight Loss/Keto: This category also shows a significant presence, particularly in the top queries, reflecting the interest in weight loss and keto diet-related gummy products.
  • THC-Related Terms: There's a noticeable presence of THC-related terms, especially in the top queries.
  • Sports/Energy: This category is represented in the rising queries only by one product, but shows emerging interest in this area.
  • Mushrooms: An emerging trend, with a presence in both top and rising queries.
  • Candy: The traditional candy gummies, represented only a single branded term  "haribo gummies" and a single general term "gummies candy" in the top queries and so have been omitted from this analysis. Instead see our article on gummy candy trends.

Key Observations

  • Certain categories like "CBD" and "Keto" have high average search values in the 'Top Queries', indicating strong and consistent search interest in these areas.
  • Categories like "Mushrooms" and "Sports/Energy" have a smaller average search value but show up in the 'Rising Queries', suggesting emerging interest in these areas.

Market Strategy Tips:

  • Embrace Innovation: Stay ahead by embracing both the current favorites and the rising stars.
  • Health and Wellness: With a clear trend towards health-oriented products, consider how your gummies can align with this movement.
  • Regulatory Watch: Especially for CBD and THC products, stay informed about legal changes and compliance.


The world of gummies is evolving, driven by diverse consumer interests and health trends. Through Google Trends data, we gain invaluable insights into this dynamic market, helping businesses and enthusiasts alike stay informed and ahead of the curve. Whether it's capitalizing on the enduring popularity of CBD gummies or exploring emerging trends like mushroom gummies, there's always something new to discover in the world of gummies.

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