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Are you planning an event that features silver or gray as part of the color scheme? Do you just like silver and gray colors and want to find candy in these more unique hues? Either way, we can help you with our extensive selection of silver candy and gray candy. You won't just find silver-wrapped candies here, but also unwrapped candy that actually is silver in color, such as Sixlets, Sconza Jordan almonds and even special M&M's. If you're seeking the candy for a big celebration, we have silver objects to store your silver candies for all your guests. Check out our awesome striped favor bags, shiny silver cones and our thoughtful and beautiful lantern boxes. Gray candies will look spectacular in their matching containers!

Maybe you want an entire monochrome-themed party. In that case, you should definitely look into our varieties of black candy to go with your silver candies and gray candies. Such an event wouldn't be complete without white candy as well. Mix in your silver candy and gray candy to have a full line of monochrome.

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