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Prospecting for gold is a hard life. You never know when you'll find something valuable, or if you do, how long your good fortune will last. A much easier and more guaranteed path to happiness is finding gold candy. Beautiful and delicious all at once, gold candies are sure to please. Try our golden gumballs or our golden Sixlets. We even have exclusive gold M&M's! For a fruit delight, you can buy pineapple-flavored Gummy Bears. Jelly Belly gets into the act with light golden jelly beans that shine like jewelry. There's also a gold candy buffet bundle if you want to host a party and let your guests prospect for edible gold.

Of course, gold wrapped candy has to be considered too. Those wrappers shine and sparkle like any other golden treasure. You can find delights such as mini Reese's peanut butter cups, Buttermints and hard gold wrapped candy among our bulk wrapped candy.

By extension, yellow candy should also be included. Its brilliance is not unlike gold candies. Try gumballs, Sixlets, M&M's and many more in striking yellow hues.

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