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They say all you need is love, but a little chocolate now and again does not hurt anyone. Our candy store supplies a great assortment of chocolates at affordable prices. We carry traditional chocolate treats such as M&Ms, white chocolate, and sixlets but also carry a wide collection of chocolate covered treats. White Chocolate Pretzels, Dark Chocolate raisins, and Chocolate covered coffee beans are just a few goodies we offer dipped in decadence just for you. Koppers chocolate covered gummy bears and Koppers white chocolate gummy bears are a few of our very best sellers in the chocolate category.

Present to your loved ones chocolate gifts for various holidays and special occasions. Spread love on Valentine’s Day with White Chocolate covered almonds. Give the gift of rich chocolate flavor with Chocolate Covered Pretzels as party favors. Even if all of the special occasions have ended for now but you still need some chocolate in your life, enjoy some Dark Chocolate Cranberries or Milk Chocolate Dipped Banana Chips. With a wide variety of white and dark chocolate treats to indulge in, we have all the chocolate you need.

Our store offers a great mixture of chocolate choices for all of your party needs whether it is for a candy buffet or for delightful birthday party favors. Dark Chocolate options like chocolate malt balls are great for elegant engagements and birthday celebrations as well. Indoor candy buffets with chocolate will surely leave guests asking for more but lucky for you we carry more than enough to offer them. With so many chocolate choices in our store, you will think you have finally made it to Chocolate Heaven.