Sixlets are a classic candy whose flavor and appearance offers sweet satisfaction on a number of fronts. They are delicious little morsels of goodness that can actually come in wealth of different colors. The distinctive packaging and the one-of-a-kind flavor of sixlets candy instantly takes every adult back to a time when they were a kid while also taking every child to a place where their taste buds can instantly come to life. While most people assume that this candy may be difficult to find at this day in age, it is actually widely available online and in many different forms. Sixlets candy can be ordered in the traditional packaging to be handed out to individuals in small portions. This version of sixlets is perfect for children, birthday parties, Halloween, stocking-stuffers, and any other occasion where a sweet treat is ideal. However, the world of sixlets has gotten much broader over the years.


You can now go online and order sixlets bulk packages in a huge variety of colors. All of the traditional and primary colors are there for your enjoyment. You can mix and match sixlets bulk varieties in order to meet the needs of any occasion under the sun. Pair blue or pink sixlets bulk packs with other candies that are dedicated to these hues for baby showers or birthday parties. Consider ordering large numbers of sixlets in a variety of colors to fill jars for edible decorations throughout the home or office.


The possibilities can be virtually endless. Celebrate the big game by filling party bowls with sixlets bulk colors that match the jersey of the home team. These mini-chocolate balls promise big fun wherever they are found. Order in quantities of up to two pounds for each color. While people easily fall in love with the traditional colors and sleeve packaging of this classic candy, surprise them with new fun and tasty possibilities when you order custom colors and large quantities of the chocolate candy everyone loves.