Make Gummy Candy

How to Make Gummies

Have you ever wanted to make your own chewy and sweet gummy bears? Whether you are a candy aficionado or someone who enjoys a DIY project, making your own gummies can be an exciting endeavor. From classic gummy bears to your very own version of gummies, the possibilities are endless! In this guide, we walk you through the basics: from understanding what gummies are to making a batch of homemade gummies. If you want to make gummies commercially and supplement them with vitamins, medicine or other custom ingredients, you love the Candy Pros' EASY MELT GUMMY BASE.

Gummy Bear Ingredients

Gummy bears are typically made of gelatin, citric acid, sugar, fruit juice, corn syrup, flavoring and starch. These ingredients combine to give gummy bears their chewy texture and sweet taste. If you want to learn about what the ingredients in you favorite brands are, keep reading, or learn how to make gummies at home!