G-800 Automatic Gummy Production System


G-800 Automatic Gummy Production System 

The G800 Automatic Gummy Production System is a high-performance solution for your confectionery needs, enabling production speeds of up to 240,000 gummies per hour. Designed specifically for creating CBD, THC, and Vitamin gummies in one or two brilliant colors, it offers an impressive production capacity of 600-800kgs/h. The system is equipped with a sophisticated PLC control system and an LED touch panel, ensuring maximum efficiency in your gummy-making process.

Key Features

  • Speed: 240,000 Gummies/hour
  • Production capacity: 600-800kgs/h
  • PLC control system
  • LED touch panel


  • Electric power needed: 405KW (Electrically heated) / 174KW (Steam heated) 220V/380V/480V
  • Compressed air consumption: 1.20m3/min
  • Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6 Mpa
  • Refrigerator: 20HP
  • Steam consumption: 1T/hr at 0.6MPA
  • Vacuum water infeed: 400L/hr
  • Dimensions: 30000x5500x3100 MM
  • Gross Weight: Approximately 12,000Kg

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