G-300 Automatic Gummy Production System


G-300 Automatic Gummy Production System

The remarkable G300 Automatic Gummy Production System. A stand-alone system capable of producing up to 120,000 Gummies per hour! Ideal for crafting CBD/THC/Vitamin gummies in one or two captivating colors. This system features a user-friendly PLC control and an LED touch panel for easy operation. With its special de-moulding device, various gummy shapes can be created, and the in-line injection, dosing, and pre-mixing ensure precise liquid addition.

Key Features

  • Speed: 120,000 Gummies/hour
  • PLC control system
  • LED touch panel, special designed de-moulding device


  • Power supply: 120kw/380V
  • Length of the whole line: 16 m
  • Compressed air consumption: 0.20m 3 /min
  • Compressed air pressure: .4-0.6 Mpa

Conditions needed for the cooling system:

  • Room temperature: 20-25 C Degrees/li>
  • Humidity - 55%
  • Refrigerator: MT120 15,000 kcal/h

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